Meet Linda Potts – INDCO Catalog Manager

INDCO Meet Linda Potts – INDCO Catalog Manager

For 4 years now, Linda Potts has worked at INDCO as the catalog manager.  INDCO prints four catalogs a year and Linda makes sure those happens on schedule.  Linda runs analytics to verify INDCO is moving in the right direction.  Although Linda is very proficient in analytics from her previous roles, a business to business catalog company was very different for her.  She shared that coming to INDCO and a new position was a bit scary but also exciting and challenging.

Since Linda has been with INDCO, she has seen both the website and catalog change with positive results for the business.  The most interesting part of her job is seeing who INDCO’s customers are.  She points out that there is such a wide variety of customer that it is always interesting to learn what type of customer we serve and they business they are in.

Linda hopes that INDCO will double in size over the next 10 years.  She wants to be part of that growth by continuing to work on the catalog making it the best that it can be.  Her goals are to become more proficient in the ERP system and to continue to grow her knowledge on the internet marketing side of the business.

On a personal note, Linda is a mother of 3 and grandmother of 6 grandchildren ranging in ages from 19 years old to 16 months old.  Linda is a wonderful coworker to have around.