Meet Don Koerber – INDCO Accounting

INDCO Meet Don Koerber – INDCO Accounting

INDCO’s Accounting Department keeps us all in balance.  Don is an important member of the INDCO Team.  He has been with INDCO since 2006.  Don got his feet wet at INDCO – literally – within his first couple of months at INDCO the offices flooded and Don’s office was among those under water.  Don didn’t hesitate.  He jumped right in and helped with the cleanup.  He didn’t know that was going to be part of his job description but was more than pleased to help.  Since that time, Don has performed accounts payable, accounts receivable and cost accounting positions at INDCO.  We’re glad to have him on our team.

When interviewing Don, he describes his biggest challenge to being an exceptional well rounded employee as keeping an eye on the bigger picture while understanding the details.  Don is very detailed and thorough in examining work processes and challenges himself and others to look for a better way to get the job done.  Don provides healthy inspiration to all of his co-workers.  You can always “count” on him to be checking his pedometer.