What is a Chuck?

INDCO What is a Chuck?

From Wikipedia, a chuck is “a specialized type of clamp used to hold an object, usually and object with radial symmetry, especially a cylindrical object.  It is most commonly used to hold a rotating tool or a rotating workpiece.”  You can find chucks featured on INDCO laboratory stirrers and some handheld mixers.  The chuck is fitted with a coupler that is securely attached the motor shaft.  The chuck permits mounting the stirring shaft to the mixer power head.

Why choose a chuck versus a straight coupler?  A chuck allows versatility of using any diameter stirrer shaft up to the chucks maximum capacity.  This makes changing shafts for multiple applications easier than using a straight coupler.  Most adjustable chucks come complete with a chuck key however a keyless chuck is also available requiring only a twist of the wrist to change the stirrer shaft.  Various couplers, chucks and stainless steel shafts can be found online at www.indco.com.