June 2013 INDCO Best Seller: Heavy Duty Flange Mount Mixers

INDCO June 2013 INDCO Best Seller: Heavy Duty Flange Mount Mixers

INDCO’s heavy duty flange mount mixers provide sealed mixing in batch production or continuous process environments.  June’s best seller was model FMG-500T in this mixer product group.

Simply the best value in the industry for this type of mixer, the FMG-500T model features a 304 stainless steel 6" ANSI flange mount design and a dry-running mechanical seal rated 125 psi to full vacuum.  This 5 HP totally-enclosed fan cooled model is equipped with motor leads only. The Baldor motor, known for its quality and reliability, requires 230/460 volt, 60 Hz three phase power, and is connected to the 1-3/4" diameter x 102" long mixing shaft by a stainless steel coupler.  A heavy duty bearing adds support to maximize shaft stability.  The 20:1 gear reducer vigorously agitates large volumes of light viscosity materials at 88 RPM.  At the end of the mixing shaft is a 36" diameter, 3-blade hydrofoil which attaches to the shaft with set screws and provides outstanding fluid velocity.  All wetted parts are 316 SS for chemical resistance.  Many custom options are available for our Heavy Duty Flange Mount Mixers including washdown duty, explosion proof or stainless steel motors, variable speed control (VFD), customized seals, special shafts and alternate impellers.  Please contact one of our engineers to quote your specific application needs.