Demands for Cost Savings: Stainless Steel vs. Aluminum Marine Style Propeller Line Options


A variety of styles, sizes, pitch, hand of rotation and material of construction are available in INDCO’s mixing impellers.  The 3-bladed marine style square pitch left hand stainless steel propeller is the most common style impeller used on INDCO mixers.  As described in earlier blogs, there are several benefits to using stainless steel in mixing scenarios frequently related to chemical resistance.  Stainless steel is found on all wetted parts of almost every INDCO mixer featured on the INDCO website and in the catalog.  Did you know that INDCO offers an aluminum option for marine style impellers?  If chemical resistance is not an issue, propellers constructed of aluminum can be a valuable cost saving option.  From the 3” diameter left hand model up to the 15” model, cost savings can range from approximately $35 per propeller to as much as $500 each.  If you are interested in learning more about this cost savings option, call INDCO’s sales department for a quote at 800-682-1660.