Solution for Cutting Holes in Pail Lids

INDCO Solution for Cutting Holes in Pail Lids

Taking the entire lid off of your 5 gallon pail may not be the optimum working scenario in your environment.  Whether you are on a job site or in a plant, a dusty or dirty environment or simply the sun might ruin your 5 gallon pail of product.  Bung openings on your lid may be the solution you need to add or remove product from your pail.  INDCO offers a variety of hole cutters to install the bung hole in your pail lid.

Constructed of cast alloy steel, INDCO’s Slicker® Hole Cutters are machined to size, tempered and hardened.  Three different models are available to accommodate the user’s preference.  The SHC-1 handheld model, SHC-2 foot assisted 18” T-handle model, and the SHC-3 mallet handle model will cut 1-1/2” holes by driving the blades into the lid and twisting to finish the cut.  A plastic seal plug can then be used to seal the opening.  The seal plugs are packaged in multiples of 100.  Hole cutters are recommended for use with standard metal or plastic pails.  Contact INDCO for further details at 800-851-1660.