May 2013 Top Sellers are Mixing Propellers

INDCO May 2013 Top Sellers are Mixing Propellers

One of the top sellers for INDCO in May was our mixing propellers.  INDCO is your one-stop source for mixing impellers used for applications from small laboratory use to large scale production.

The MP-series 316 stainless steel marine style propeller was the big winner.  These impellers are 3-bladed square-pitch with set screws in the hub to securely fasten the propeller to your mixing shaft yet allow for adjustment in position.  These industrial grade propellers are investment cast, roto tumbled and finish machined to close tolerances.  The left hand design is a standard feature on most of our mixers and produces downward fluid motion with clockwise rotation as viewed from above.  Right hand models are also available in most diameters.  Watch our video to determine what hand propeller you might need for your application.

We simply provide the best products and lead times for a wide array of impeller designs. Industrial or sanitary polished stainless steel marine style propellers, hydrofoils, folding impellers, axial and radial flow turbines and dispersion blades are all available. INDCO also carries an assortment of specialty impellers and can provide technical recommendations tailored to your specific needs.  Call us today!