Mount Option Guide for Dispersion Blades

INDCO Mount Option Guide for Dispersion Blades

Dispersion blades offer shear of particles in a high speed application.  INDCO has discussed dispersion in earlier blogs: Fundamentals of Dispersion: A quick reference guide and Dispersion Blade Designs: A Brief Discussion.  INDCO has 5 different designs available depending on your application.  There are a variety of methods to mount the dispersion blade to your dispersion equipment.

Two shaft options are available for use with drills or stirrers.  The TS series stainless steel shafts are available in lengths from 12” to 18” and are turned down and threaded at the end for use with adaptor plates.  The SA300 plates are placed on the top and bottom sides of the blades and are installed on the shaft and bolted in place.  The DS series disperser shafts are a larger diameter shaft with one end tapped and threaded such that you can bolt a dispersion blade to the bottom of the shaft without it sliding up.  If you have an existing shaft to attach to, a HS series adapter is an option.  One end of the adapter couples to a straight shaft with set screws and the other end is tapped and threaded to bolt onto the blade.  These three mounting solutions described above allow the blade to be mounted only to the bottom of the shaft.

A mounting hub is an option to attach a blade to your shaft with set screws and gives you the mobility to mount the dispersion blade anywhere up and down the dispersion shaft.  Two options are a reusable hub that bolts directly on the dispersion blade or a weld-on hub that is permanently welded to the dispersion blade.  The reusable option can be used on multiple dispersion blades with the correct bolt hole pattern on each blade.  The weld-on option is a good solution for making cleaning much easier because of the weld restricts material from getting between the blade and hub.

All of INDCO’s dispersion blades are shipped with a predetermined center hole size.  We would be happy to drill in your desired hole pattern with any blade order at no additional charge.  A dispersion blade mounting order form is available to make determining your hole pattern easy.  Contact our sales or engineering departments for assistance in ordering dispersion blades and mounting accessories at 800-682-1660.