Meet Robin Whitmer

INDCO Meet Robin Whitmer

A lot can be said about a company by looking at the tenure of its employees.  INDCO was founded in 1975 by a paint and coatings industry engineer who recognized a need for a company to supply quality mixing equipment.  In the last 37 years, INDCO has grown in response to customer demand and has increased the number of employees.  Many of our employees consider INDCO as part of their extended family; 35% of the workforce has 10 or more years and 15% has more than 20 years of tenure.  Robin Whitmer is part of that family having more than 25 years of service at INDCO.

Robin identified the best part of her job at INDCO as getting to talk to different people from all across the country and getting the opportunity to build friendships as well as business relationships.  Since working in the sales department, Robin describes seeing INDCO’s sales group evolve into a much more efficient team that can handle all the sales calls with the support of our engineering team.  She has watched the sales team grow in knowledge and strength in handling all situations in every aspect of our business.  Products and tools of the trade change but excellent service has remained constant.  Robin is one of the front line employees greeting you over the phone and solving your mixing questions.  Robin’s great ear for listening, quick response and friendly personality have made her some longtime friends and colleagues that continue to call back and ask for her.