Meet Jeff Givans

INDCO Meet Jeff Givans

Our production team is vital in building a superior product here at INDCO. Their dedication and attention to detail is crucial to meeting the level of quality our customers expect. INDCO is such a success because the people care about their results. Jeff Givans is one of those people.

Jeff has been with INDCO since August 2000. Since his employment, he has been a part of the shipping, welding, polishing and production teams. Jeff has probably had the opportunity to build every portable INDCO mixer that we offer in our catalog.

At times Jeff has worked with our engineering department to brainstorm and design new equipment for specific customer applications and for new product offerings. Recently Jeff worked with the engineering team on a project for a heavy duty stainless steel drum lid design with transportation hooks. The results of the mixer were even better than expected. The robust design exceeded customer expectations resulting in repeat orders.  Most of the time, Jeff manufactures portable mixers. The largest shaft design that he worked on recently was a 132” long, 2” diameter shaft.

Jeff is not only a great coworker but also a great friend outside of work.  He has a passion for cars and has helped many coworkers by tinkering with their cars when needed. Jeff also enjoys working outdoors and has some experience in landscape design. Jeff pulled a UPS jet with his coworkers to help raise money for a local cause. It is always nice to be able to do something with your coworkers outside of the office. INDCO has a great work atmosphere that thrives on great friendships.

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