Happy Birthday INDCO!

INDCO Happy Birthday INDCO!

INDCO celebrates its 37th birthday in November 2012!  Our wonderful business began as a home based venture in New Albany, Indiana led by a chemical engineer from the paint and coatings industry.  It took eleven years, but in 1986 INDCO, Incorporated moved from a garage to its current home in the New Albany industrial park.  Growth accelerated through the ‘80’s and ‘90’s driven by increased INDCO catalog mailings and a growing product line.  Investment in equipment, additional employees and multiple building expansions followed.  Today we still operate in the New Albany industrial park closely located to Louisville, KY, an ideal Midwest location just minutes from UPS’s world headquarters facilitating rapid distribution to our customers.  We feel very fortunate to have employees with 15+ and even 20+ years of experience in a workforce still dedicated to serving customers with great equipment as quickly as possible.  We look forward to continued growth and many more great years to come.