Overview of Hydrofoil Impellers

INDCO Overview of Hydrofoil Impellers

Hydrofoil impellers are the most efficient design for mixing low viscosity materials. Hydrofoils deliver maximum flow per horsepower with minimal shear. INDCO’s popular 3-blade hydrofoils are a great choice for agitating light liquids.

Hydrofoils in 316 stainless steel have short lead times, and we can manufacture them in diameters from 3” to 30”. Hastelloy material or other highly corrosion resistant alloys are available by request. All impellers come with set screws and hubs that are keyed for bores 2” and larger. Hydrofoil impellers in 20”diameter and under have welded blades.  For larger impellers a bolted design is utilized to allow the user to assemble after the hub is attached to the mixer shaft. This allows for entry into tanks with smaller openings. The hydrofoils have a mill finish for industrial applications but can be buffed to a #4 finish for sanitary applications.

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