Red Devil Paint Shaker Lineup from INDCO

INDCO Red Devil Paint Shaker Lineup from INDCO

INDCO, Incorporated is pleased to feature Red Devil paint shakers as a part of its line of liquid mixing products and accessories.  The following is a brief outline of the feature of each model INDCO offers:

Model 1025 Red D Mix:

This one-gallon gyroscopic mixer ensures a thorough mix of a wide range of materials.  The unit features a versatile container loading system that accepts one gallon containers of any shape.  Furthermore, its advanced direct-drive gear system is extremely quiet and provides a 2:1 mixing ratio and one-step clamping allow for quick and smooth operation.

Model 5025 Red D Mix:

This five-gallon gyroscopic shaker is easy to load requiring only a 13” lift height and holds up to 125 lbs.  Loading is also assisted by built-in rollers.  The gear design of the 5025 Red D Mix reduces wear items and provides superior repeatability and reliability.  It accepts standard plastic and metal five gallon containers.


The DynoMix gyroscopic paint mixer features the smallest footprint in the industry and accepts containers from one to five gallons.  It’s ideal for smaller stores where space is at a premium.  This unit has a standard load capacity of 100 lbs. and automatically positions the container in the upright position for unloading.

Speed Demon 5:

This five-gallon floor mounted mixer, the smallest on the market, utilizes advanced spring suspension and isolation system that dampens vibration when mixing.  The vortex mixing action spins containers on a dual axis, making it a great mixer for a wide range of materials.  The extremely quiet operation is ideal for use on a busy sales floor.

For more information on these or any INDCO products please call our customer service representatives or applications engineers.