Fundamentals of Ordering Impellers

INDCO Fundamentals of Ordering Impellers

You know the type of the impeller for your application: marine style, radial, axial, or hydrofoil, but what else do you need to know before placing your order?  Many options are available for our impellers.  Our skilled in-house production team can manufacture impellers to meet custom specifications while still providing INDCO’s industry-best lead times.

As an impeller’s diameter increases the hub diameter typically increases, providing the option for larger bore sizes.  INDCO can custom bore the hub to sizes outside of the standard bore dimensions listed in our catalog and online.  Keyways may be another add-on required for your equipment.  Keyed shafts and impellers reduce the possibility of the impeller spinning under high resistance.  We can cut square keyways that follow the AGMA (American Gear Manufacturers Association) and NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) standard keyway sizes or other sizes as required.  It is always wise to measure the keyway required for your equipment before ordering.

Understanding the need for set screws is also important.  Our standard is to include them for industrial grade propellers and to not include them in sanitary buffed impellers. Sanitary models are often welded to a shaft and polished to meet industry guidelines for cleanability.  Set screws can, however, be installed at your request in these sanitary impellers or additional set screws can be installed in the hubs of our industrial impellers.

Clipping and cutting of the blade tips of our cast marine style propellers are also options.  Clipping is a straight cut across each blade’s width and provides greater pitch.  It is often chosen when mixing in small cylindrical areas such as in a pipe.  Cutting a propeller follows the contour of the blade and maintains its general blade shape.  This option is often chosen when a hub is needed that is larger than available on a given propeller size.

All of these options are available and can be quoted to meet your needs.  Please call 800-682-1660 for your quote.