Stirrers Designed for Your Mixing Needs

INDCO Stirrers Designed for Your Mixing Needs

Stirrers are generally used to mix smaller batch sizes from a pint or less up to 30 gallons, depending on the specific model’s capabilities. Always consider the location in which you intend to set up your mixing station and the general work flow in order to decide upon the best configuration.

Our electric and air stirrers feature a mounting rod extending from the backside of the stirrer.  The rod can be coupled with a clamp holder to attach to a support stand, stirrer c-clamp or mixing table workstation to accommodate your mixing needs.

Support stands are available in carbon steel, zinc plated, cast zinc-aluminum alloy or stainless steel.  The stands extend from 18” tall for small spaces or small batches up to 48” tall to accommodate larger containers.  Some models feature level adjustment knobs at the base of the stand for use on uneven surfaces.

Stirrer c-clamps are another mounting option.  Constructed with enameled steel, these clamps can be coupled to the mounting rods allowing the user to attach the stirrer to virtually anything stable enough to hold the stirrer’s weight.  Dual c-clamp models provide even greater support.  A T-handle tightens the stirrer clamp.

The INDCO mixing table workstation is ideal for production of multiple batches.  The workstation is configured with four upright rods for mounting the stirrers.  The table is pre-plumbed with air hose fittings, filter and oiler to work with any of our air stirrers.  The table also works well with electric stirrers and features a stainless steel surface with an optional stainless steel backsplash available.  The table height is 24” tall, making it the perfect height for ergonomically lifting pails or other containers.

Whether a single stand, a c-clamp or a workstation fits your needs, INDCO is available to help you put together your stirrer configuration.  Call us at 800-682-1660 to help you with your mixing needs.