The BGF-400A Mixer: August’s Hot Item

INDCO The BGF-400A Mixer: August’s Hot Item

For the month of August 2012, INDCO’s top selling product was the BGF-400A mixer.  This mixer is designed for totes or Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC). It is ideal for mixing medium to heavy viscosity materials such as slurries, polymers, inks and coatings or for suspending settled particles.

The BGF Series is our gear reduced version in our line of bracket mixers. This 4 HP air model is the largest in this product line and provides maximum agitation when supplied with 100 PSI @ 130 CFM. The gear reduction delivers 40-400 RPM at higher torque than a direct drive mixer. The low-profile configuration allows operation in areas with low overhead clearance. The 36" long mixing shaft attaches to a coupler and two 14" collapsible impellers with set screws. The impellers are designed to enter 6" tote openings and open to 14" when in operation. The bracket mount fits totes between 34" and 48" wide.  All wetted parts are stainless steel for chemical resistance. This model features a Gast air motor which is known for its rugged construction and reliability. Air motors offer variable speed flexibility for mixing in multiple applications. Air motors are also a lighter weight option than our electric models. Non-electrical operation reduces the possibility of explosion in a combustible environment.

The BGF-400A is backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Contact us at (800) 851-1049 for direct technical expertise and a quote today.