Overview of INDCO Dispersers

INDCO Overview of INDCO Dispersers

INDCO offers a complete line of dispersion equipment from fractional horsepower bench tops to 20 horsepower floor-mounted models for lab, pilot plant and production operations. Common applications for dispersers include sanitary use in food production, cosmetics & inks. Each disperser is designed and ruggedly constructed for reliability as well as a long life span. We use top names such as Baldor and Leeson and Marathon electric motors as well as Gast air motors in our drive units. Additionally, stainless steel is standard for all wetted parts on our dispersers.

Consider our small ½ to 3 horsepower HS-105, HS-115, HS-315, HS-320 or HS-300 electric dispersers for batches up to 5 gallons. These models offer varying blade and impeller options to suit your specific application. Pneumatic lift mechanisms make batch container changes easy. Variable speed and optional digital tachometers maximize process control and precision for working with multiple viscosities.  If an air motor is required, choose our HSD01, 02, 05 or 06 fractional HP dispersers for up to 1 gallon batches or our HSD15A, 16A, 40A or 41A dispersers for larger 5 gallon batches.

We complete our disperser offerings with specialized units for batches of up to 200 gallons.  These floor-mounted, high-speed dispersers come in 5, 10 or 20 horsepower models. Models with inverter drives offer the latest in AC variable-speed drive technology. Container holder chains and shaft shrouds provide operator safety while dispersing at high RPMs. All INDCO’s dispersers are backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Contact us at (800) 851-1049 for direct technical expertise and a quote today.