Must Have Mixer Accessories

INDCO Must Have Mixer Accessories

INDCO manufactures, designs and distributes mixing equipment and related accessories for many different industries.  In the Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, and Cosmetic industries, there are many must-have mixer accessories for your work environment from accordion drum liners to the EZ-Strainer™.

INDCO offers plastic drum liners to enable reuse of your current containers. Inserting these disposable drum liners and replacing them after each use reduces storage container and cleaning costs. These seamless vacuum-formed inserts are made of FDA-approved low-density polyethylene. Model 55 is an accordion design that adapts to your drum height and compacts for storage. Many other liner designs are available including smooth and form-fit models.

Heavy-duty stainless steel sanitary scoops are an option with their crevice-free rounded corners. The VS-2, VS-3 & VS-4 models have a 2-quart to 5-quart capacity. Use these scoops with our mirror-polished heavy-duty stock pots.  These 304 stainless steel pots are completely seamless inside and out.  Choose from 3-gallon to 21-gallon capacities.  The model SSSP-5C 5-gallon capacity stock pot might be perfect for working on your MS-9624 INDCO stainless steel mixing workstation. The workstations are pre-plumbed for up to 4 stirrer units.

And don’t forget the strainers. Save yourself some time with the easy-to-use EZ-Strainer™.  Remove particles from your liquid product by dropping these strainer inserts over the top of a pail or drum. Molded from high-density polyethylene and a nylon mesh, strain products with a 100 ultra-fine to a 600 micron coarse mesh.