New line of shakers now available online and in our April catalog.


We are proud to offer our newest line of 1 and 5 gallon shaker models by Red Devil Equipment. Many of the agitators we offer are for mixing in open containers. Shakers complement our product line for customers who need to mix in 1 to 5 gallon closed containers. Two shaker models are available; gyroscopic and vortex. Additional features include timer options and multi size container capabilities. Lead times are typically a few business days. An excellent 2 year warranty provides quality assurance.


The gyroscopic shakers turn closed 1 to 5 gallon containers end over end while simultaneously spinning. Gyroscopic mixing is ideal for a wide variety of applications and products that settle.

The vortex shakers spin 5 gallon closed containers on a dual axis. The vortex shakers are effective for quick colorant dispersion.

All Red Devil shakers have a small footprint frame design taking up little work space and offering easy loading and unloading of your container.